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From the early beginning, ARGO has been committed to a sustainable development based on all three independent and mutually reinforcing pillars: economic, environmental and social.
Proper Packaging is a positive, environmentally responsible and economically efficient force and can contribute to the benefit and well-being of people.

We attain our target by:


- Reducing our own footprint

  • by employing manufacturing processes with minimum energy consumption and material waste
  • by recycling energy and material waste
  • by optimizing the supply chain process
  • by following International Standards. All plants are ISO14001:2015 certified.


 - Offering products which enable our customers to reduce their environmental footprint with no impact on performance. This means products with:

  • best quality for best functionality without damages and losses
  • weight reduction
  • proper design for maximum space use of transportation means
  • possibility of use PCR material at package manufacturing without performance and image loss.


 - Contributing to research activity in plastic packaging recycle applications since 1987 through National and EU funded research projects

 - Taking always care for best social impact by employing best practices and safe working environment, respect to human rights, donations etc.